Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

The legacy-based PBX or Key System are slowly fading away.  They are expensive, costly to maintain, inflexible, limit growth and simply put, are outdated in today’s workplace.  So what is the smart solution that savvy business owners are flocking to?  Two words:  Hosted PBX.

What Hosted PBX Can Do for You

This Cloud-based solution eliminates the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for the “brain” of the system that is mounted in a phone closet. Conversely, the “brain” is in the Cloud and all that’s required are pre-programmed handsets that simply see an IP address and thus provide dial tone. Hosted systems are the perfect solution for both single-business locations and large multi-location clients. The mobility features of the system allow clients to never miss a call (unless they want to). Voicemail is transferred into a wave file and goes directly to e-mail. This system is scalable, mobile and flexible. New offices can be set up immediately and torn down just as quickly. No more costly remote call-forward expenses, as foreign exchange numbers can easily be added to the system. Do you want to appear to have a presence in another city without a physical office? Again, no problem! We’ll just add that new exchange number to the host site to be answered any way you specify.

Smart apps, which greatly enhance productivity, can be added to mobile devices, which greatly enhance productivity. The system is completely manageable from a web-based portal that integrates with Outlook and other Windows-based products as well as LinkedIn, Salesforce and more. Perhaps the most important feature is inherent disaster recovery. Even if a natural disaster wiped out a client’s business physically, as long as they could find an Internet connection, they could make and receive calls as if nothing happened at all!

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