Telecom Consulting

Telecom Consulting

Telecom Expense Management

Choice Communications offers full telecom consulting and expense management services. Our goal is to help you understand and enhance control over your fixed-line and mobile communications assets and costs.

Communication Systems Management Consulting

Choice Communications is a NON-BIASED team of dedicated individuals that pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We consult and provide on-going back office support alleviating the monthly stress of bill management. We further assist with network/software updating and consistently look to save you time and money. Our management team assists with implementation of our Communication Systems Audit and ongoing management. We provide an hourly, project, or monthly fee based resource as defined by our customer requirements.

Our services include:

  • RFP creation and management
  • Project management
  • Bill audits
  • Ordering and canceling services
  • Monthly bill analysis and approval
  • Bill reconciliation against contracts

Experts in Telecom Expense Management

Our telecom consultants can provide independent review and process your telecom needs to maximize telecom savings for your organization. With the knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, our experts will ensure reduction of customer’s previous customers contract negotiations.

Monthly bills range in format and complexity with varying rate plans that are often difficult to review without the proper tools and resources. Recent studies have shown that more than 50 percent of businesses are unaware of their exact telecommunication costs.

Organizations of any size can benefit from our telecom consultants by gaining visibility of the contract terms while reducing monthly costs. Choice Communications  is working on your behalf to consolidate and facilitate the lowest prices available.

Fixed-Line Expense Management

  • Invoice Assessment

  • Inventory Management

  • Analysis and Reporting

Fixed-Line Telecom Expense Management

Whether your company needs to move, add, change or disconnect, our telecom consultants can manage this process for you. With the use of a centrally managed web-based portal, Choice Communications can:

  • Produce a real time quote/contract using our patented geo-quote tool

  • Facilitate rates, promotions, etc.

  • Order service/facilitate install

  • Order management (keep track of order, contract term, renewal)

  • Constant support (i.e. trouble tickets, add, move, change)

These findings and support allow for optimal saving opportunities for any organization seeking to reduce monthly costs. By partnering with Choice Communications  as your expert consulting resource, we ensure knowledgeable management of your accounts and outstanding savings for your business.

Analysis and Reporting

Knowledge of new and old information is key to effectively managing your telecommunication needs. Partnering with Choice Communications gives your company access to information that can only improve and benefit your business.

Invoice Assessment

With the use of technology, all invoices are appraised against contractual rate plans and order management activity. Doing so electronically drastically lowers billing errors and ensures that your service plan charges are accurate and can reflect contractual discounts, promotional rates and special credits. This service is provided in a timely manner and delivers a comprehensive solution to inspecting and managing mobile telecom invoices to ensure proper costs allocated.

Call Choice Communications at (408) 578-7200 or fill out the form to learn more about our Telecom Expense Management and Consulting.

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