What drivers will shape 2016 technology trends? Businesses using customer facing technology for competitive advantage will fuel demand for Cloud Computing, in particular, Software as a Service.  The Internet of Everything will amplify the number of connected devices in our world leading to additional needs for data protection and CyberSecurity defense. Mobile computing and Cloud Computing adoption will increase the adoption of fast, affordable and secure broadband networking. Here is the short list of what to expect from the biggest trends in technology for 2016.

Cloud Computing Adoption Remains Strong

Cloud Computing adoption is expected to continue throughout 2016. Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are expected to lead the way. Migration to Cloud based email, sales and customer management applications and other SaaS solutions will drive Cloud growth in 2016. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will continue to grow, however demand will be driven by backup and disaster recovery, single sign on, file sync and sharing, application hosting and other core IT services.  With this increased demand for Cloud Solutions, migration and integration services are expected to also be in high demand.

Greater Need for Fast, Affordable and Secure Broadband

Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing will put additional demands on network infrastructure. With the additional need for SaaS applications, remote backup and file sync and sharing applications, companies will upgrade business Internet technology for fast and affordable broadband options. Companies will pay particular consideration to available, reliability and security as they adopt broadband network technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT):  More Devices, More Security

Tablets, Laptops, desktops and smartphones are expected to continue to grow. Now Smart Devices or Internet of Things (IoT) will put more devices in and near the workplace. Office Equipment, Watches, TVs, and cars now equipped with WiFi connections which will create additional opportunities for Cybersecurity breaches, as these devices may become targets of hackers and Cybercriminals. If compromised and connected to your network, your applications and their data may also be exposed. Maintaining network security including updated anti virus and malware definitions will have exponential importance with the abundance of more connected devices in 2016.

As  you plan and budget for next year, take these 2016 technology predictions into account. Also,  consider any additional changes in industry regulation, compliance considerations and your business growth objectives for 2016. In doing so, you will be well prepared to turn these 2016 technology trends into competitive advantage.

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