More than ever, your employees are working outside the office; this trend is expected to continue. Therefore your company needs the flexibility, reliability and security of a virtual connection. Read on to learn about Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and how it can help you keep your business running smoothly.


Make Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Work for You

Desktop as a Service (DaaS), with its flexibility, reliability and security, is invaluable for businesses with remote workers. Workers can access systems, data and applications via the cloud, with just an Internet connection and a web browser. The service provider furnishes the infrastructure, network resources and storage in the cloud, and users’ computers are connected to the virtual desktop, and can access data and applications. Rapid deployment means that a new device can be connected to the virtual desktop, and later disconnected if needed; this will help businesses cope with fluctuating demand at different times of the day or year. If demand on one server is too great, all machines can be migrated to a different server.  Remote IT support can be given by the service provider, preventing downtime and keeping your systems running. 


Desktop as a Service is Affordable and Secure

Desktop as a Service can be affordable by managing consumption during peak business hours and the cloud subscription model allows companies to pay just for the resources they use. Service providers can help manage consumption by reducing available resources during off-peak hours. When it comes to security, IT service providers can quickly create a new desktop in case of a ransomware attack, so that data and applications are not accessed via the affected device. 


Considerations for Desktop as a Service

While Desktop as a Service is a secure model for remote work, considerations remain. First, workers need to know best practice security procedures–both cybersecurity and physical security. Maintaining strong passwords, awareness of social engineering, and even guarding their device from non-business use–all of these still apply. On a management level, companies need to ensure that their Cloud service provider meets industry standards for regulatory compliance as required.  


Desktop as a Service, a flexible and affordable cloud offering, can help keep your remote workers busy and your company secure. To learn more about DaaS, contact us today. 

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